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Wentworth-Douglass Launches New Brand Identity

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital unveiled its new brand and visual identity on June 22, representing its enhanced collaboration with colleagues throughout the Mass General Brigham system.

WDH Logo.png

“Over the past five years, our partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital and Mass General Brigham has been critically important to our success and has noticeably expanded the depth and breadth of care we offer our community. That exceptional care, combined with access to world-renowned experts, continues to make an indelible impact on the lives of our patients,” said Jeff Hughes, President & CEO of Wentworth-Douglass. “It is now time to spread this message to every corner of the Seacoast.”

The Mass General Brigham brand was launched in 2019, representing a promise to build a premier integrated healthcare system with patients at its center. Our collective aim is for every patient to receive exceptional care at the appropriate cost, access to world-renowned experts when needed, and experiences that are fully coordinated – all backed by a team of researchers focused on the next great breakthrough or discovery.

The Mass General Brigham brand identity and name leverages the strength of its founding hospitals. The names Mass General and the Brigham are renowned for their long histories of breakthrough research, world-class care, education of the next generation of healthcare providers and a commitment to a healthier community and world. Elevating these names and recommitting to one collective purpose signals to patients that whether they come to an academic medical center, or a renowned specialty or community hospital within our system, their care is delivered by one fully integrated, exceptional team of healthcare providers.

“Wentworth-Douglass’ unwavering commitment to exceptional patient care has created a distinguished culture here that few healthcare organizations can emulate. It is those values and ideals that motivated us to become part of Mass General Brigham – one of the premier healthcare systems in the world – and ensure our patients have access to the best care anywhere. This new brand identity offers an exciting opportunity to build on our proud history. It also shows our patients that we are one system, working collaboratively to provide our patients with the best care possible,” Hughes said.

The new logo symbol was inspired by the architecture of the two original hospital buildings of Mass General and Brigham and Women’s hospitals — the Peter Bent Brigham building at the Brigham and the Bulfinch Building at Mass General. The four pillars in the new symbol represent the four-part mission of patient care, research, teaching, and service to the community, both locally and globally.

Over the next several months and years, Wentworth-Douglass will gradually transition to the new brand identity, applying it to the Hospital’s website, social media platforms, ID badges, stationery, signage and more.

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