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Wentworth-Douglass Named Best in NH, Top 20 in Nation for Patient Outcomes

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital has been named the best hospital in the state for patient outcomes and among the top 20 in the nation, according to a new index compiled by a nonpartisan think tank.

The Lown Institute ranked Wentworth-Douglass first in patient outcomes among 23 hospitals in New Hampshire, and a remarkable 16th among the more than 3,000 hospitals that were examined nationwide. It was given an “A” rating for overall social responsibility, which reflects performance across health equity, value, and outcomes.

“In a year in which the healthcare industry has faced enormous challenges, this is a tribute to the dedication of our outstanding staff,” said Jeff Hughes, President & CEO of Wentworth-Douglass Hospital. “Their commitment to our patients and culture has never wavered, and that has enabled us to continue to provide the exceptional care Wentworth-Douglass is known for.”

The hospital received an “A” rating in all three graded areas of outcomes: clinical outcomes, patient safety, and patient satisfaction. The grades reflect the hospital’s success at achieving low mortality and readmission rates, avoiding preventable patient safety errors, and patient-reported measures of the hospital experience.

The hospital also received an “A” for value, which the institute says “reflects how efficiently hospitals deliver care and avoid low-value services”. Wentworth-Douglass was graded an “A” for “avoiding overuse” and “cost efficiency”, which measured how well hospitals avoid unnecessary tests and procedures and achieve good clinical outcomes at a low cost.

The Lown Institute was founded by Nobel Peace Prize winner and Harvard cardiologist Dr. Bernard Lown. This is their second year publishing national rankings of over 3,000 hospitals.

Earlier this year, they also named Wentworth-Douglass the most racially inclusive hospital in the state.

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