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Professional Nursing Model

Exemplary Professional Practice

Nursing at Wentworth-Douglass is multi-faceted. We have nurses who work with acute patients, others who are navigators in specialties like oncology and those who provide psycho-social support to pediatric patients - which is only a sample of our nurses’ essential roles.

Every one of our nursing team - no matter their critical mission - shares a strong foundation in professionalism, innovation and shared decision making.

Our Nursing Professional Practice Model, centered around patients, community and families fosters an environment for our high-quality practice.

Built on the synergy between compassion, research, quality, professional advocacy and teamwork, we focus on collaboration, respect, ethics and accountability to positively impact patient outcomes through continuous improvement initiatives.

Shared Decision Making

Our shared decision-making model facilitates interdepartmental communication and collaboration, while empowering staff to ensure best practice.

This interprofessional structure focuses on consistent high-quality practice and patient outcomes.

Our Patient Services Shared Governance Model is overseen by the Patient Care Leadership & Nurse Executive Council.

To support our culture we have a:

Clinical Practice Council (CPC)/Ambulatory Practice Council (APC) - Fosters evidence-based practice and quality improvement, as well as a venue for staff to share practice concerns.

Culture Council (CC) - Promotes a healthy work environment for staff.

Professional Development & Education Council (PDEC) - Directs the development, coordination and implementation of staff development and patient education.

Unit-Based Council (UBC) - Optimizes input and collaboration from our unit staff, patients, and families. 

For a closer look at our nursing team and some of the individual nurses who fuel our success, review our 2020-2021 Nursing Annual Report 

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2020-2021 Nursing Annual Report

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