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Common Procedure Price Estimates

Prices offered are estimates only – procedure costs will vary based on your specific circumstances including health insurance status and changes in coverage; length of time spent in the hospital; additional tests or procedures ordered by your physician; or any unforeseen conditions or circumstances surrounding your care or recovery. 

Price estimates provided represent the hospital portion of your medical bill only. Physician services are billed separately. 

The cost estimates listed below are the median costs, which is the midpoint between the highest and lowest charge for that procedure.


  • 40% discount for self-pay patients. (Patients with no insurance.) This discount is reflected in the charts below.

Women & Children's Center

Median Charge

No Insurance
Median Charge

Cesarean Delivery



Newborn Care



Normal Vaginal Delivery





Median Charge

No Insurance
Median Charge

Regular Stress Test



Holter Monitor Hookup, Scan Analysis



Holter Monitor



Echo 2D Complete without Contrast (Adult)



Carotid Duplex Bilateral



Polysomnography (sleep study)



Polysomnography (sleep study) with CPAP



EEG Awake & Asleep



Physical Therapy Evaluation



Occupational Therapy Evaluation



Tonsillectomy & Adnoidectomy under 12 years



Upper GI Endoscopy, Biopsy



Diagnostic Colonoscopy



Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy



Repair Inguinal Hernia (initial)



Lithotripsy, Fragmenting of Kidney Stone



Hysteroscopy (surgical)



Extracapsular Cataract Extraction with Lens






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Price Transparency

The New Hampshire Hospital Association offers additional resources to help you better understand hospital pricing, billing and insurance coverage.

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