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Preparing for Bariatric Surgery

You’ve considered your options, consulted your primary care physician, and decided bariatric surgery is right for you. Now it’s time to meet the care team, who will help prepare you for a safe, successful surgery.

Our Multidisciplinary Team

Our care team consists of bariatric surgeons (who have performed thousands of weight loss surgeries), advanced practitioners, certified bariatric nurses, mental health providers, and dietitians. You can feel confident at Wentworth-Douglass, where you’ll be cared for by the best bariatric team on the Seacoast.

Health Screening

To ensure bariatric surgery is the next best step for your health, we’ll start by walking you through various screenings and a full Health and Physical Examination. If another, more pressing health condition is discovered, we’ll prioritize that treatment first.

Preparing Your Mind & Body

Even before surgery, we’ll help you lose weight. You’ll meet with a bariatric nurse and dietitian to ensure a safer surgery and kickstart the eating and exercise habits you’ll continue post-operation.

Additional Resources

"Weigh of Life" Virtual Support Group

Protein Supplement Guide

Patient Handbook

Stage 3 Diet Guide

The handbook can be viewed in full screen mode by clicking the bottom right of the window where you see the handbook.


Planning For After

The goal of our care team isn't just a successful surgery, but a successful life after it. We want to help you live your best life, so together we’ll craft a post-surgical health plan that keeps you on track.


See Michelle D.'s Story

“Now I can rollerblade and ride a bike. I don't need a seatbelt extension on a plane. I went to the Dominican, and I power sailed for the first time. It was on my bucket list for years. I do a lot of activities now. Kayaking. Hiking. I've done four 5Ks! All things I wanted to do or wished I could do, but you know, you're not motivated to do until you lose the weight.”

—Michelle D. from Rochester, NH