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Pink for the Cure - Spaulding High School Gymnastics

The Spaulding High School Gymnastics team hosted its 6th annual Pink for the Cure Gymnastics Meet on December 23, 2018. The team raised $325 this year, and about $2,000 total over the past six years, with all proceeds generously donated to the Seacoast Cancer Center.

To raise the funds, the group sold their new Wonderwoman T-shirts and raffled pink-themed gift baskets, donated tickets and gift certificates. 

Spaulding has established the tradition of reading the poem “What Cancer Cannot Do” to open their Pink Meet each year.  This year, the poem was read by Senior Shelby Hodgson, who was born at Wentworth-Douglass. The poem reminds the gymnasts to compete in honor of the cancer survivors in their lives. 

Spaulding was excited to take first place honors at this meet for the first time in several years, but it is the local patients at the Seacoast Cancer Center who win big from the Pink Meet.

Thank you, Spaulding High School Gymnastics, for supporting cancer care in our community!

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