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Why I Give: Amire Rosenthal, North Hampton, NH

Amir Rosenthal is grateful—grateful for the expert care he received at the Seacoast Cancer Center in 2017. He’s grateful to Dr. Amy Bessnow and the rest of the staff for their professionalism and for being “so kind and helpful.” “Everyone—and I mean everyone from the receptionist to the phlebotomists to the cleaning crew—was so warm and welcoming,” he says.

Rosenthal was diagnosed with hairy cell leukemia in March 2017. “It’s extremely rare: there are only 600 cases in the country annually,” he explains. After successful treatment, Rosenthal decided to run the Seacoast Cancer 5K last September.

“It was a way to celebrate my recovery, say thank you and raise funds to help other cancer patients who need the services the Foundation provides,” he says. “The experience was empowering. I felt connected to the hospital, the community and the cause. I’ll definitely be back this year, running and raising money.”

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