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Ease the Sneeze: 4 Tips to Keep Allergies in Check

Trees are in bloom. Flowers are budding. Spring is here – and so are seasonal allergies. 

New plant life releases pollens into the air, causing allergy sufferers to reach for their tissues. While there’s no quick cure for the sneezing, running noses and itchy eyes, Amitha Harish, MD, has some tips that may help reduce your symptoms. 

#1: Know Your Triggers
The most common allergy triggers are pollen, dust mites, mold and animal dander. Knowing the cause of your symptoms is the first step toward finding relief. 

#2: Close Windows and Doors
It’s tempting to throw open the windows and rejoice that Spring is here. But, if pollen or other environmental allergens are your nemesis, keep them shut for now. This is especially true in the morning when pollen counts are at their highest. 

#3: Rinse It Off
Pollen and other allergens are great at clinging to clothes, skin and hair. Take a quick shower to rinse them off after spending time outside. If you tend to shower in the morning, consider switching to the evenings so you are not bringing allergens into bed. 

#4 Call Your Doctor
There are many good over-the-counter medications that can help alleviate allergies. If your symptoms persist, there may be other options. Talk to your doctor. 

Dr. Amitha Harish is a board certified allergist and immunology with Allergy Associates of NH, PA.

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