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Oncology Nurse Navigators

Mass General Cancer Center at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital

Lean On Us

Understanding your cancer diagnosis and making decisions about your care are not easy. It can be overwhelming.

We want you to understand your diagnosis, explore your options and share in your treatment decisions. Nurse Navigators can help.

Our Oncology Nurse Navigators are experienced and certified oncology RNs who offer personalized assistance to patients, families and caregivers to help alieve anxiety and stress and act as a healthcare advocate.

All patients here who are newly diagnosed with cancer are connected with a dedicated Nurse Navigator who can:

  • Guide your care through diagnosis, treatment and recovery
  • Answer your questions and help you better understand your diagnosis and share in decisions about your treatment
  • Assist in coordinating your care and scheduling diagnostic tests and consultations with specialists
  • Connect you to any appropriate clinical trials
  • Identify resources and support to help you adhere to your treatment plan

Nurse Navigators educate and guide patients through their full continuum of care, from diagnosis and treatment through to survivorship. They also play a key role in promoting screening and prevention programs in the community.

This service is offered to patients at no additional cost. 

Meet our Navigators                        

Deidre McNeil, BSN, RN, OCN 
Head, Neck, Lung, and Thyroid Nurse Navigator

Darlene Tassinary, BSN, RN, OCN 
Malignant Hematology

Laura Kelly, RN, MSN
GYN Oncology Nurse Navigator

Julie Shelly, BSN, RN, OCN 
Benign Hematology Navigator

Sharon Hatch, BSN, RN
Nurse Navigator, Pease

Nanci Taylor, RN, BSN, OCN   
Oncology Nurse Navigator, Lung Cancer Screening

Heather Lynch, RN, BSN, OCN
Breast Cancer Navigator

Stephanie Kendall Marcotte, RN, BA, BSN, OCN 
Genitourinary Cancers & Skin Cancer Navigator

Shelly Boesch, BSN, RN, OCN 
GI, Esophageal, and Primary Brain Cancer Navigator

Kathy Quinn, BSN, RN, OCN 
Gynecology-Oncology Program Manager  

Gina Capen, BSN, RN, OCN 
Benign Hematology Navigator

Helene Langley RN, BS, CBCN, CN-BN, ONN-CG
Breast Nurse Navigator

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To schedule, change or get more information about appointments, please contact us at (603) 742-8787.


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