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Medical Records

Requesting medical records

Medical Records

No Walk-Ins

Medical records include, but are not limited to, a patient’s medical history, test results, office visit notes, discharge summary, and operative reports of treatments and medical services.

The Medical Records Department can provide you with copies of your medical records related to care at a facility.

The medical records offices are not available for patient walk-in services. If you need to collect records in person, please contact us at 617-726-2361 for possible options.

Now managed through Mass General Brigham

Medical records for our patients are now managed through Mass General Brigham's Medical Records Department.

Medical records include a patient’s medical history, pathology, lab reports and operative reports of treatments and medical services. Patients can request copies of and that amendments be made to their medical records by submitting forms to the Mass General Brigham Medical Records Department.

  • The release of information authorization form is available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Indonesian.
  • If the patient is a minor or unable to give consent, the signature of a parent, guardian or other legal representative is required.
  • Additional authorization may also be required for the release of specifically protected or privileged information. Certain information can take up to 30 days for processing. Contact the Release of Information Unit at (617) 726-2361 with questions about specific requests.
  • Any requests for radiology films or CDs, or for billing records, should be directed to those specific departments. The Medical Records department does not release this information. 

Wentworth Douglass does not provide birth or death certificates.

To request medical records of a deceased patient, please contact the Wentworth-Douglass Medical Records office at (603) 740-2591. The request must be accompanied by authorization from the executor of the estate.

Please note that a fee may be associated with a medical record request.

Questions? Contact the Release of Information Unit at (617) 726-2361 with questions about specific requests.

Online Medical Information through Patient Gateway

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital is part of the Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway patient portal where you have secure online access to your health information 24/7.  Log in to Patient Gateway

Using the Apple Health App

iPhone® users receiving care at Wentworth Douglass Hospital and all other Mass General Brigham entities can now use the Apple Health app to access and visualize key parts of their current health records, including allergies, conditions, immunizations, labs, medications, procedures and vitals.

The Apple Health app allows users to combine health records from multiple care providers.

To begin, open the Apple Health app, navigate to Health Records, select the institutions from which you wish to download your data, and follow the instructions.

The app is available to patients with an iPhone running iOS 11.3 or later.

We are proud to be one of the first organizations to enable this capability for patients.

Read more about health records on iPhone

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