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Epilepsy Clinic

Center for Neurosciences

A Collaboration with Mass General Brigham

You can get world-class epilepsy care right here on the Seacoast. Through Wentworth-Douglass Hospital’s collaboration with Mass General Brigham, you have direct access to sub-specialty care for epilepsy and related disorders.

Our Epilepsy Clinic offers adult patients access to the latest in diagnostics and treatment plans for epilepsy and other seizure-related disorders.

We consult with epilepsy patients every day and are here to help you with the exceptional care and personalized disease management you are looking for to improve your life and health.

Count on us for the most advanced diagnosis and testing, including EEG monitoring and Brain MRIs.

And, because of our affiliation with Mass General Brigham, you’ll have direct access to a Level 4 Epilepsy Center, as well as clinical trials and sub-specialty care for epilepsy and related disorders, like specialized MRI sequences designed to show seizure-related abnormalities in the brain.

Our program is led by Dr. Samhitha Intscher, a specialist in epilepsy and other seizure-related disorders. Dr. Intscher and her team coordinate a patient-centered approach to best diagnose and manage your complex conditions with a treatment plan individualized for you. Treatment options are formulated for each patient and a plan is discussed together with your provider, to provide the safest choices for your health care regimen.

Dr. Daniel Hoch, a faculty physician with Mass General Hospital, brings additional expertise as part of the team at our Epilepsy Clinic, including academic research and advanced treatment options, such as surgical approaches when indicated.

Onsite Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) is a specialized inpatient unit right here at Wentworth-Douglass. Patients are admitted to the EMU for detailed diagnostic evaluation of their seizures/events. EMU recordings help us make specific diagnoses, as well as precisely localize the source of epileptic discharge from the brain. Ultimately, we use this information to develop a specific treatment plan designed for the individual patient which may include medications, surgery, or a device-based therapy.

Our goal in the EMU is to observe and record seizures using continuous EEG and video monitoring. Your provider will determine if you are a candidate for this service or if you are a patient who should be admitted to the hospital to be closely monitored by a team of physicians, nurses and neurodiagnostic technicians.

Our team will determine the optimal medication combinations and dosages to control your seizure activity. For some patients, surgical procedures may even be the best option to further reduce or even eliminate seizures.

Your EMU Team

You will be admitted to a specially designated unit which includes our two room EMU. Your Admitting Physician will be either Dr. Samhitha Intscher or Dr. Sameen Jafari, both specially trained Epilepsy physicians. They will stay closely involved, overseeing all aspects of your care while you are admitted.

The team also includes neurodiagnostic technicians, neuropsychologists, neuroradiologists, and the nurses on the unit in the hospital.

When you have completed your monitoring admission, we will provide a detailed evaluation offering our expert opinions and recommendations. Further referrals and care will be coordinated by our team.
For more information, please call the Epilepsy Clinic at (603) 749-0913.

Meet Our Team


Samhitha Intscher, MD

Wentworth Health Partners Coastal Neurology Services

Dover, NH 03820

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Sameen Jafari, M.D.

Wentworth Health Partners Coastal Neurology Services

Dover, NH 03820

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Daniel Hoch, M.D.,PHD

Massachusetts General Hospital-Epilepsy Service

Boston, MA 02114

See Profile

Coastal Neurology Services

10 Members Way
Dover, NH 03820

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Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 


Office: (603) 749-0913

Fax: (603) 749-0973

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital Outpatient Center

121 Corporate Drive (Building C)
Portsmouth, NH 03801

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Office: (603) 610-8075

Fax: (603) 610-8076

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