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Sports Concussion Rehab

Rehabilitation Services

Return to Play the Right Way

We get it. Returning to your life, and your game, is your number one priority.

Yet we all agree it’s imperative you only do that when your body is ready.

Fortunately, our expert team has the clinical know-how to recognize when it’s safe for you to return to the classroom or work, the field or the rink.

We are experienced in recognizing what can be the subtle signs of a concussion and how they are affecting you. Although some athletes lose consciousness after a concussion, it’s important to understand most do not. Still they may exhibit typical symptoms like nausea, headaches, feeling “foggy” and even behavioral symptoms like mood changes and decreased motivation.

Our specialists in the medical aspects of athletic care and the full scope of non-surgical musculoskeletal medicine have advanced training in recognizing those symptoms and in providing you with the best in post-concussion medical care.

Recover from a concussion under the professional guidance of our Sports Concussion Rehab Program. Our prompt medical care and your customized treatment plan will help safely accelerate your return to the classroom and your sports team.

Throughout your recovery, it’s all about working together with you, your family, your employer and/or your school. You’ll gain the knowledge, strength and endurance you need to return to your active lifestyle.

Know the signs, know the symptoms, know the best and safest way to get back in the game. It’s only right.

About Sports Concussions

A concussion temporarily alters an athlete’s mental and physical abilities. Some athletes lose consciousness after concussion, but most do not. The most common symptoms of concussion may include headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, feeling foggy and disorganized and mood changes, among others.

The effects of a concussion can be subtle and may only be detected by someone experienced in recognizing the signs and symptoms of concussion.

What is post-concussive syndrome?

Post-Concussive Syndrome is when concussion symptoms last for an extended period of time (beyond 21 days of injury). You may also experience other complications, such as decreased concentration, memory, and persistent headaches.

When is it safe to return to sports after a concussion?

Never return to play if you still experience any symptoms at rest or during any physical activity. Returning to play too soon can potentially be dangerous. Sustaining another concussion while still recovering from a previous one can cause serious life-long health difficulties. Return-to-play should occur in gradual steps and under the direction of qualified professionals.

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