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Jeff Liporto Testimonial

“Two years ago, I made a radical decision that changed the course of my life in more ways than I could count. I went to the informational meeting at Wentworth Douglas Hospital, held by the Center for Weight Management, and never looked back.

I was a 51 year old, morbidly obese, recently retired fire fighter who was beginning to suffer the effects of my weight on my health. My joints were deteriorating under the 300 pound pressure. I was becoming pre diabetic and suffered severe obstructive sleep apnea. I had to retire earlier than planned as I knew that operating in my condition was beginning to endanger myself and my crew. I was depressed, had low self-esteem, and just felt plain terrible all the time.

I tried countless diets and weight loss programs. I would lose a substantial amount of weight, under unreasonable or unsustainable conditions, only to gain it all back and then some when I went back to my “old ways” of eating. I knew something had to change or my life expectancy - and quality - would be greatly reduced.


There was no way to know then, but that couldn’t be more the case with COVID-19. Those with obesity and many of the comorbidities that I had were the least likely to make it through this pandemic. Yet another reason why I appreciate myself, as well as the awesome staff at Wentworth Douglass Hospital’s Center for Weight Management, for deciding to do this. We, together, saved my life - as well as countless others.

As I write this, I am 18 months out from my RNY Gastric Bypass surgery performed by Dr. Havaleshko and his team. I am currently holding at my goal weight of 185 pounds (which I haven’t seen since high school) and am feeling better than I have in 20 years. I truly feel that I have been given a new lease on life. I am no longer pre diabetic, obese, nor suffer from sleep apnea. I feel unbelievable in my skin and clothes despite those previously being major sources of my depression.

The road traveled to this point was long and hard but worth every second! For those contemplating what seems like a drastic and scary step to becoming healthy, think about the alternative. This decision has provided me with lasting benefits that I have already realized, but also will provide countless benefits that I am sure I have yet to realize.”

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