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Nurse Navigators Support Patients Through Cancer Care

Hearing that you or a loved one has cancer is frightening news. Add the mountain of information, paperwork and decisions to be made following a new diagnosis – and it can be downright overwhelming.

Enter Oncology Nurse Navigators. These highly experienced, certified oncology nurses help patients, families and caregivers through this difficult time, acting as their personal healthcare advocates. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, patients who received support from a nurse navigator soon after diagnosis reported feeling more informed, emotionally supported and better prepared for the future.

“My goal as a Navigator is to increase a patient’s knowledge, decrease anxiety, and increase comfort level with their healthcare encounters; from diagnosis, through treatment and onto survivorship,” says Stephanie Kendall Marcotte, RN, BA, BSN, OCN, the Seacoast Cancer Center’s Navigator specializing in prostate, bladder, kidney and skin cancers.

At the Seacoast Cancer Center, all patients who are newly diagnosed with cancer are connected with a dedicated Nurse Navigator to stand by their side. He or she is another person patients can lean on – and someone who understands the complexities of cancer care and the healthcare system.

Our team of six Nurse Navigators answers questions, coordinates appointments, and connects patients to appropriate clinical trials and resources. Equally important is helping people overcome barriers that could impact the adherence to their treatment plans, whether it’s lack of transportation, financial burdens or more.

“Navigators are becoming an essential part of cancer care,” says Nanci Helton, RN, BSN, OCN, Oncology Nurse Navigator at the Seacoast Cancer Center. “We can have the best doctors and great technology, but patients need to be able to access the care, understand it and stick to it. We look beyond the immediate clinical needs to better understand the patient’s whole story.”

For more information about our Oncology Nurse Navigators, visit the Seacoast Cancer Center's Nurse Navigator page or call (603) 742-8787.

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