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Safe Sleep for Your Baby: Tips from our Birth Center at WDH



Every year in the United States, there are approximately 3,500 infant sleep-related deaths, according to Cribs for Kids®. All too often, they result from a baby being placed in an unsafe sleep environment – like an adult bed. 

As a Bronze Certified Safe Sleep Hospital, the Wentworth-Douglass Hospital Women & Children’s Birth Center wants to ensure that new families know the guidelines for infant safe sleep and have a safe place for all babies to lay their heads.

Here are some top safe sleep tips for babies from Cribs for Kids®:

#1 – Always place your baby alone, on his or her back, in a crib for every sleep time.

#2 – Always use a firm, flat sleep surface. Car seats and other seating devices, swings, wedges, and devices that position baby on an incline, are not safe for routine sleep.

#3 – Use a firm sleep surface with a firm crib mattress, covered by a fitted sheet. Try a crib, bassinet, or portable crib/play yard that conforms to the safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

#4 – Room share, but do not bed share. Various U.S. medical groups warn parents not to place their infants to sleep in adult beds. Bed-sharing puts babies at risk of suffocation, strangulation, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Studies have found that bed-sharing is the most common cause of deaths in babies, especially those three months and younger.

#5 – Crib bumper pads or similar products that attach to crib slats are not recommended. There is no evidence that they prevent injury in young infants, but they do pose a risk.

#6 – Don’t overheat or overdress your baby. Dress your baby in light sleep clothing. Keep the room at a temperature that is comfortable for an adult (between 68-72 degrees F).

Safe Sleep Certified

The Wentworth-Douglass Hospital Women & Children’s Birth Center was recently recognized by the National Safe Sleep Hospital Certification Program as a “Bronze Certified Safe Sleep Hospital,” for its commitment to best practices and education on infant safe sleep.

“This certification recognizes the efforts in education and support to families regarding the health and well-being of newborns,” says Alison Zirpolo, CCLS, CTRS, Child Life Specialist at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital.

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