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Snow Blower Safety Tips: Courtesy of WDH Occupational Therapy

Injuries Occur most Often in These Weather Conditions

  • Heavy, wet snow
  • Large snow accumulation, greater than six inches
  • Temperature: 28 degrees Fahrenheit or greater

Causes of Injury

  • Snow clogging the exit chute of the machine
  • Not noticing that the impeller blades are still rotating even though the machine is off
  • Operator attempts to clean the clogged exit chute with hands
  • Hands connect with the rotating blades, resulting in severe injury

Remember, if your snow blower jams:

  • Turn it OFF!
  • Disengage clutch.
  • Wait five seconds after shutting machine off to allow impeller blades to stop rotating.
  • ALWAYS use a stick or broom handle to clear impacted snow. 
  • NEVER put your hand down the chute or around blades. Keep hands and feet away from all moving parts.
  • Keep all shields in place. DO NOT REMOVE the safety devices on the machine.
  • Keep a clear head and concentrate. And 
  • DO NOT DRINK before using your snow blower.

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